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We can develop a program, a workshop, or an event to fit your group's interests and needs. Let's talk!

Inquiries & Investigations

We offer programs in a variety of environmental education topics and concepts: from the basics of food chain to ecosystem services; from the daily dynamics...

Children & Family Groups


School groups, homeschooling families, scout & youth groups with children of all ages, abilities and interests choose topics from our ...

Creative Expressions

Joining with the natural world to create and express our joy in connecting touches on so many levels. Land Art, rock balancing, nature journaling...

Adult Groups


Choose any topics from our Inquiries, Creative Expressions, or Mindful Connections. We are available for speaker presentations, workshops, ...

Mindful Connections

Healing Hikes, Nature Natations, Finding a Sit Spot.. These guided activities invite the participant to slow down and become aware of themselves within...



We provide our expertise in assisting you in maximizing learning outcomes and enjoyment in nature. Here are just a few examples: creating a ...


Programs run year round in the field or at your facility.

Check our Calendar for upcoming Events, Workshops & Adventures! 

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