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Mindful Connections

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slow down, reconnect, destress, get in touch, find solace, clear space, recharge, sooth, breathe, flow, let go, let in, pause

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These guided activities invite the participant to slow down and become aware of themselves within, as well as part of the world around them. Each invitation is presented with the age, abilities, interests and comfort level of the group in mind. They can be done at your site or in the field, as a single experience, coupled with another offering, or in a progressive series. Let's get in touch.

Finding a Sit Spot

focus on sensing Place

Healing Hikes

reducing stress

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Sand Globes


Nature & Forest Therapy Walks

Beginning This Spring!

Join a deep walk to destress and reconnect with nature and all it has to offer. Led by an ANFT* certified guide-in-training.

Breathing Practice

manage stress, balance mood, increase focus

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prompts for exploring

an ecosystem

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Natation in Nature

guided contemplation


Programs run year round in the field or at your facility.

Check our Calendar for upcoming Events, Workshops & Adventures! 

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