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Noticing Nature: Connections

Mondays, September 12 - November 14

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

For the next ten weeks we’ll be discussing some natural history concepts and learning nature journaling techniques as we as we explore locations around Atlantic County. Our excursions out of doors and hands-on activities will offer authentic nature experiences. Capturing these experiences in our journals will add another layer of meaning. No writing or art experience necessary. Come have fun!

Monarch Tagging Demonstration

Wednesdays, September 28 - November 9

3:30 PM

Curious about the lives of Monarch butterflies? Ever wonder how you tag an insect that weighs less than a paper clip? Now’s your chance to find out! Our building is closed but the grounds are open, so join us on the front lawn for a special, limited time Monarch tagging demonstration and Q&A. Learn how we catch and tag these amazing butterflies, and how The Wetlands Institute is helping the Monarch Monitoring Project keep track of the Monarch population in Stone Harbor.

Nature Journaling: Connecting to the Core Subjects and Crosscutting Concepts

Friday, September 30

ANJEE Autumn Outdoor Conference

Nature journaling is a perfect tool for getting ideas, thoughts, and data down where it can be viewed and reflected upon, allowing sparks of connections to ignite.  We will be making a quick journal and doing several activities that you can take back to the classroom and share with students and colleagues.

Nature Journaling: Connecting to Our Sense of Place

Mondays, November 7 - December 19

6:00 to 8:00 PM

John Muir, Rachael Carson, Henry David Thoreau, and Beatrix Potter were all naturalists who kept journals as a way to continue a curiosity about, carry on  a conversation with, and document observations of the wildlife and seasonal patterns around them. We’ll be sharing a variety of sketching, painting, and writing techniques, using creative tools, inspiring each other, and making connections to the outdoors ... second nature.

No experience necessary. Come and join the fun! Bring a pen and a cracker or cereal box to the first class.